Water Droppers

When you’re painting, and especially when you’re doing calligraphy, you sometimes need to add just a bit of water to the ink since, as it sits in your ink container, the water it contains will evaporate and the ink will get thicker. That’s where a water dropper comes in handy. And like all Chinese art supplies that have been in use for hundreds of years, they come in a vast assortment of sizes, shapes, and colors.

waterdripper gourd
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Most water droppers commonly found in art supply stores are made of ceramic, and usually glazed. The one in brown on the right above is unglazed yixing clayware, most often used for teapots.

waterdripper use1
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waterdripper use2
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To use a water dropper you first have to submerge it under water until no more air bubbles come out of the hole on the top. When you pour it, if you keep your finger over the top hole no water will come out; when you take your finger away water will pour from the spout. So, if you need only a drop or two, as is often the case, it takes a bit of practice.

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