Lukesi Weilian

Lukesi Weilian Lukesi Weilian (魯可思威廉) is Chinese for “William Lucas.” A Chinese language chop with five characters, the first three in white from top to bottom on the right and the last two in red from top to bottom on the left.

Wu Yalu

Wu Yalu Wu Yalu (吳雅璐) is the owner’s Chinese name. Chinese language chop with the family name Wu (吳) on the right in red and the personal name Yalu (雅璐) in two characters in white from top to bottom on the left. Inscription: 吳雅璐 Pinyin: wu ya lu Collection: Wu Yalu Material: white and grey […]


Miki English language chop with the first letter of “Miki” in red on the left and the other three characters in white from top to bottom on the right.

Sixty Years Old …

Sixty Years Old … Huajiatongsheng (花甲童生) means something like “sixty years old and (still) a low-level student.” A Chinese language seal with four characters alternating counter-clockwise from top right in white, red, white, and red. The stone, from China and supplied by Dr. Yang, is very soft—probably soapstone. Because it would not take a good […]

Wang Gongyi

Wang Gongyi Wang Gongyi (王公懿) is the name of the chop’s owner. Chinese language chop with three characters, two in red, top to bottom, inside the outline of a white character. In other words, the family name Wang is the white background bordered by red with the personal name Gongyi as two red characters going […]


English language chop with “Renee” in white characters above and “Lin” in red characters below. Image is not to scale. Inscription: Renee Lin Collection: Renee Lin Material: tan Chinese stone with reddish/purple markings Carver’s mark: Renee Lin By Lukesi 2013 Size: 2 x 1.1 cm. Date: September 2013 Registry: es099 An elephant knob is carved […]


English language chop with “Eric” on left in red characters from top to bottom and “Li” on right in white characters from left to right. Image is not to scale. Inscription: Eric Li Collection: Eric Li Material: red-orange agate with lighter and white streaks Carver’s mark: 魯 Size: 1.4 x 1.3 cm. Date: March 2013 […]


English language chop with “Li” in red characters on left followed by “Kwok Keung” in white characters from left to right and top to bottom. Image is not to scale. Inscription:Li Kwok Keung Collection: John Li Material: whitish Chinese stone Carver’s mark: Lukesi 2013 [lower left] 魯可思 [upper right] Size: 2.9 x 2.9 cm. Date: […]


Yesushizhu 耶穌是主 means “Jesus is Lord.” A chop carved into the bottom of a wooden cross with a base of southern Oregon steatite and felt underneath. Clockwise with one red character on the left to two white characters on the right top to bottom. Made on commission for someone as a gift for their brother […]