Sokyo Sokyo is the owner’s Buddhist name. Japanese language chop by Lu Kesi with two white characters from top to bottom. Collection: Karen Swallow Material: tan/grey stone with dark marks Carver’s mark: Sokyo for Karen Swallow By Dan Lucas 2014 Date: October 2014


Koshin Koshin (拱辰) is the owner’s Buddhist name in Japanese; Yamada Setsuko, as recorded in the carver’s mark, is the owner’s maiden name. Japanese language chop with two white characters from right to left.


Tanokura Tanokura 田野倉 is the family name of the seal owner. Japanese language chop with three white characters clockwise from upper right. Miki Tanokura is a calligrapher and seal carver living in Tokyo, Japan. She has studied at the National Art Academy in Hangzhou, PRC.