M An English-language chop by Lu Kesi with a white “M” in a red circle. Of course, no resemblance to an extremely popular fast-food restaurant chain’s logo is intended. Collection: Lu Kesi Material: Chinese stone Date: 2017



Nadiya An English-language chop carved by Lu Kesi with the owner’s first name “Nadiya” in red from left to right and top to bottom. Nadiya Lamarti is a French artist of Moroccan descent who uses traditional Arabic calligraphy in her work. Inscription: Nadiya Collection: Nadiya Lamarti Material: whitish Chinese stone Carver’s mark: For Nadiya. By […]

Zhao Hui


Zhao Hui This pair of seals by Lu Kesi was commissioned by a museum curator in Hangzhou, China who wanted them both in English. In traditional fashion, I made one with light characters on a dark background (yin), and one with dark characters on a light background (yang). I also picked two stones that would […]

Wu-Tang Clan Seal

©Copyright 36 Chambers

Wu-Tang Clan Seal This seal by Lu Kesi is based on the name of the American hip hop group the Wu-Tang Clan and was commissioned by them as one of five seal designs for use on their 36 Chambers clothing line. This particular design was used on their t-shirt, and elsewhere. English-language seal with “wu” […]