Hidden Waterfall

Title: Hidden Waterfall

Media: Chinese ink and watercolor on traditional hand-made hemp paper

Size: 17 x 11 in.

Date: 2019

Signed: Lu Kesi pinxit 2019 amici memoriam

Seals: Lukesi (lower right), Pine Heart (upper left)



A color painting based on a black and white original by an unknown early Chinese artist as a way to learn from his style. In the inscription is “amici memoriam” which is Latin for “in memory of an old friend” since I consider all the past artists of China as my friends.

A few miles up the road from the small town where I grew up was a waterfall like this. As boys, my friends and I would camp out near the base. It must still be there though now in a watershed, fenced off, and no longer accessible to anyone.

With traditional Chinese paper backing.