Paper Cutting Knife

Chinese paper is usually made in very large sheets. And, while a full size sheet may be useful for a hanging scroll, usually it’s necessary to cut the paper into whatever size is wanted for painting or calligraphy. A sharp knife or scissors could be used but these leave sharp, hard edges which aren’t very appealing. Instead, paper is often folded and then a special paper cutting knife is run along the fold, leaving a more ragged edge.

papercutter wood
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papercutter wood2
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paper cutting knife
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paperknife metal
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Most Chinese art supply stores will offer a range of paper cutting knives, from cheap bamboo through more expensive wood on up to those made of exotic materials like jade. I used a bamboo knife for a while but it quickly splintered and became unusable. The three pictured to the left above are all made of wood. The one on the right is much like a standard metal kitchen knife and was made in Japan, as can be seen from the writing on the box. I find that an old-fashioned butter knife with a dull edge works very well.

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