es096English language chop with “Luo Lize” in red characters from left to right and top to bottom. Image is not to scale.

  • Inscription: Luo Lize
  • Collection: Luo Lize
  • Material: myrikite
  • Carver’s mark: 魯可思刻二0一三
  • Size: 4 x 3.3 cm.
  • Date: May 2013
  • Registry: es096

es096bCommissioned by John Li as a gift for Luo Lize. Myrikite is marketed as “American Chicken-blood Stone”—a very hard multicolored stone with bright vermillion red inclusions. The stone was provided by John Li but was extensively shaped to make it look “natural.” A custom base was made from purpleheart wood with an inset for the seal stone.

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