Dan Daoren

Dan Daoren (聃道人) is the owner’s pseudonym. Dan is both the owner’s first name and also an ancient form of the name for Laozi, the author of the Daodejing; daoren (道人) is literally “a person of the Dao” or “Daoist.” The author and poet Daniel Skach-Mills uses this pen name in the form of “Dao Man Dan.”

Chinese language chop by Lu Kesi in three white characters counterclockwise from the top (top, lower left, lower right). The three Chinese characters are made to look as if they are four.

  • Inscription: 聃道人
  • Pinyin: dan daoren
  • Collection: Daniel Skach-Mills
  • Material: whitish Chinese stone
  • Carver’s mark: 聃道人為魯可思刻
  • Date: February 2015