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Sixty Years Old ...

Huajiatongsheng (花甲童生) means something like “sixty years old and (still) a low-level student.” A Chinese language seal with four characters alternating counter-clockwise from top right in white, red, white, and red. The stone, from China and supplied by Dr. Yang, is very soft—probably soapstone. Because it would not take a good polish on its own I put wax on the stone and then buffed the wax.

  • Inscription: 花甲童生
  • Pinyin: huajiatongsheng
  • Collection: Yang Jiyu
  • Material: mottled grey/brown stone with dark stripe near top
  • Carver’s mark: 花甲童生。 七月二0一三。 魯可思刻
  • Size: 2 x 1.4 cm.
  • Date: July 2013