Shangaoshuichang (山高水長) is literally “mountain high, water long” with the meaning of consummate virtue, or deep affection [for nature]. Chinese language chop with four red characters from top to bottom. The yellow/white translucent stone, supplied by Dr. Yang, has a carving of an animal [rat?] on top. The phrase is from an old seal but with a new design to fit this stone. The third character, for water, has been turned sideways to better fit the space.

  • Inscription: 山高水長
  • Pinyin: shan gao shui chang
  • Collection: Yang Jiyu
  • Material: Chinese [shoushan?] stone
  • Carver’s mark: 魯
  • Size: 4.4 x 2.1 cm.
  • Date: December 2012
  • Registry: cs259

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