Chinese seal 105 Yizhongyixi 亦中亦西 means “also Chinese also Western” or, in other words, “both east and west.” Chinese language seal with three white characters from top to bottom. Image is not to scale.

  • Inscription: 亦中亦西
  • Pinyin: yi zhong yi xi
  • Collection: Laurie Balmuth
  • Material: creamy white steatite with reddish streaks
  • Carver’s mark: For Laurie B. \ Stone from Sam Chiao \ Carved by Dan Lucas \ July 2010
  • Size: 3.2 x 1.5 cm
  • Date: July 2010
  • Registry: cs105

The stone was a gift to Laurie from Sam Chiao who had purchased it in Taiwan.