Lukesi (魯可思) is my name in Chinese. This is a Chinese language seal with three red characters: the first on the right, then two on the left from top to bottom. The seal on the left was the first seal I ever made. Since there was nowhere locally for me to get a seal carved I had to make my own and, because I didn’t have access to any seal stone, I used hardwood instead. I later wasn’t completely satisfied with it, and so reworked it as the seal on the right.The original I thought was too regular, the second has more variation and more of an ancient, worn look. They’re both the same size but look slightly different here due to the way they were scanned.

Chinese seal 001
Chinese seal 001b
Revised version
  • Pinyin: lu kesi
  • Collection: Lu Kesi
  • Size: 3.8 x 2.6 cm.
  • Date: 2006
  • Material: hardwood/burlwood
  • Inscription: 魯可思

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