Black Walnut Skull

walnut skull2

By traditional Chinese standards this morbid subject matter would be considered inauspicious.

Tagua Head

Sculpture 019

A miniature head carved from a tagua nut.

Walrus Ivory Buddha

Sculpture 015

A miniature figure of the Buddha carved from fossil walrus ivory on a pink alabaster lotus, with a hardwood burl base.

Gold Octopus with Pearl

Sculpture 013

A miniature gold octopus holding a natural pearl. Created by Lu Kesi using a lost wax cast and commissioned for use as a pendant.

White Marble Head

Sculpture 012

This small white marble head was carved by Lu Kesi many years ago as part of an unfinished larger project.

Miniature Water Buffalo

Sculpture 011

A miniature water buffalo carved from water buffalo horn as a gift for someone born in the year of the ox.

Tagua Swan

Sculpture 010

A miniature swan carved from a tagua nut.