A Prized Possesion

inkstone2 1

The person who gave this inkstone to me also received it as a gift during a long ago official visit to mainland China.

Acrylic Paint Containers

paint container

I saw someone using these small, clear acrylic boxes to hold their watercolors so I picked some up from my local container store. They work great for Chinese style painting.

Porcelain Paint Pots

paint containers

For Chinese-style painting, porcelain is the best material for mixing and storing your paints.

Hardwood Paperweights

paperweights wood

Chinese paper is very thin and the slightest breeze can send it flying. That’s why you need some kind of paperweights.

Chinese Calligraphy Grid


This felt with grids printed on it helps you learn calligraphy. The large squares outlined in bold with nine smaller squares inside help center your character and balance the shape.

Inkstick Holder


This little tool can be a big help if you grind your own ink (which you should).

My Porcelain Ink Palette

My porcelain palette for Chinese watercolor

For Chinese-style ink and color painting, one of the best materials for a studio palette is porcelain.

Hang Up Your Brushes To Dry


Most Chinese brushes have a loop on one end so they can be hung up to dry. Put them in a brush pot only after they’ve dried completely by hanging with the tip down.