Three Dragons

My son asked for a painting to go on his bedroom wall and so I painted these three dragons (though it ended up on his dining room wall instead). The dragons on the far right and left are copies of those on the Nine Dragons handscroll in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA attributed to Chen Rong who worked during the southern Song dynasty. The middle dragon is my own.

Chinese dragons are often shown flying among the clouds, though in my case the black ink with slight shades of brown and blue might just as well be seen as smog. It’s also a play on words with the dragon Smaug found in Tolkiens book “The Hobbit.” I had fun and was showing off by using a lot of seals, most of which are facetious.

  • Collection: William Brian Lucas
  • Material: Chinese ink and color on fibrous paper
  • Date: 2017
  • Inscription: In ancient China there were dragons of the land, sea, and sky. Today the most powerful is the dragon called Smog. / Painted by Lu Kesi as a housewarming present for his son William Brian Lucas in the year of the fire chicken 2017.
  • Seals: various

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